Friday, August 31, 2007

Project Update

We did some looking into costs and other logistical issues.

Firstly, materials. Actual body bags aren't that expensive (~$10) but lets face it they could be a lot cheaper. Also since their made of a kind of plastic that doesn't like paint very well we're probably going to make body bags out of another type of material. So I'll probably be doing quite a bit of sewing. At this point I'm thinking of learning how to work a sewing machine. It's perfect for the type of long straight lines that we're going to need. It looks like this way will cut our per bag costs by about half.

Secondly, subjects. Because of federal laws regarding the images of fallen soldiers we have to make sure we have the families permission first. So we're going to have to contact some local families and see what we can pull together for the first set.

It's going to be slow getting started here but hopefully things will pick up soon.

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