Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Freeq #1 is the zine to check out for anyone desiring to make music who can’t afford the platinum-plated bells and whistles and loads of DIY info. Doc Awk’s somewhat anti-major-label advice on home studio setup is great for anyone with a limited budget. He describes two setups that cost less than $1000. NKSiii retrofits old axes with hardware store hardware. With tongue in cheek, Geoffrey Smith offers nine light-hearted and thoughtful bits of advice for working with promoters. Nick Andren gets technical with his “shoddy” beginner’s tutorial on ModPlug Tracker. A bit dry, but nonetheless worth the read.

Definitely check Freeq #1 out. With simple, humorous, all-around good tech info these cats light the garage music door and place the welcome mat out. We don’t carry the zine, but you can check them out at All their articles and discussions are there.